The offshore service for Safe-mail for Business

In today's fast, modern business climate, digital data and records of electronic communication are real assets that need strong protection. No one is more aware of this than banks, asset managers and private equity companies. However, there exist many predators to your assets; disenfranchised business partners, claimants for damages and divorced spouses to name but a few. It pays therefore to have your assets well protected and that includes all your important digital records and emails.

SafeHaven gives you the ultimate peace of mind. Although Safe-mail uses very strong encryption to protect your data from unauthorized access, you may also be concerned about the physical location of your data and its accessibility to predatory third parties while it's stored on our secure servers.

If this is your concern, then have your business domain hosted with Safe-haven, our offshore service. SafeHaven is the ideal solution for businesses and groups that demand the very highest level of privacy from scrutiny while still maintaining the freedom to access their accounts from any computer with an Internet connection. Having your data located offshore means that it is virtually impossible for third parties to gain physical access to the computers on which your files and messages are held.

SafeHaven gives you all the features and benefits of Safe-mail for Business with the additional security of an offshore server at the following great value prices:

Program Max # of addresses Total disk space Annual fee
Iron 5 200MB $225/year
Bronze 10 400MB $375/year
Silver 25 1GB $825/year
Ruby 50 2GB $1500/year
Gold 100 4GB $2850/year

Larger domains are available on request. For more information, email

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